About Us

We build high quality residential, commercial property & civil infrastructure.

Star Building and Architectural Design build homes, schools, aged care facilities, granny flats, bridges, multi-story & luxury apartments.

We have extensive experience in the building industry in areas of project planning, scheduling, building construction management, sub-contractor management, procurement, plumbing, carpentry and electrical services, and architectural design.

We believe in ‘working hard’ and ‘working smart’, as we consistently seek to strengthen our organisation by obtaining professional accreditations, investing internally by training our staff to equip them with the right knowledge and skills to enable them to provide the best service possible. Easy way to find cheap George Maestri blender essential training course and buy it at cheap software store.

At Star Building and Architectural Design, we take a personalised approach to every project we undertake!


Our Builders and Architectural Design Team will take the time to discuss & understand your requirements and ensure your deliverables are met. We will continuously do our best to achieve set targets and leave a positive impression. 

Star Building and Architectural Design have licensed building professionals on site at all times providing best practice advice &  solutions, adhering to the Australian Building Codes and Standards, and maintaining the Work health and Safety (WHS) Standards.

We have a rigorous recruitment process to ensure that we hire the best individuals to support us in our mission to become a household name for building and construction reliability and excellence. Our workplace culture fosters growth, teamwork, integrity in practice, respect for people and the environment, reliability and end-to-end accountability.

About Us